It’s not the heat – it’s the intensity…

I came across an interesting reminder of what generating electricity with solar panels is all about and how it works for a domestic situation.

As the article (on Article Bliss)put it, even the UK (apparently known for its wet climate) can still benefit from photovoltaic electricity production (photovoltaic is the term used for soar panels that produce electricity rather than hot water).

“It is not the sun’s heat we are aiming to collect but the sun’s intensity. Even areas that are known for wet climates such as the United Kingdom, can benefit from photovoltaic electricity production.

One advantage of using solar panels to generate electricity in a domestic environment is that you can start small and build on the system as time and money allows. For example, you could start with one or preferably two solar panels. These when used together will provide you with a small amount of free electricity to power some lighting or other low power items such as your television. To make the solar electricity generating system a viable alternative to being connected to the national grid you would need several panels working in unison.”

The article goes on to give a brief overview of using batteries to store solar generated electricity for later use, and is well worth 5 minutes of your reading time. Click here to read the full article.

If that’s wetted your appetite for solar power, why not start by getting a free online quote to find out how much a solar panel installation might cost you? It’s completely free and no salesman will call.

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