It’s good but it could be so much better – 1GW of solar now installed in UK

In a week which saw the Government launch it’s appeal to the Supreme Court over the December 2011 solar tariff cuts…. and Pancake Day, you may have missed one important solar milestone.

The amount of installed solar energy generation passed the 1GW mark on Wednesday.

It’s not only good news – it’s great news and the Government were quick to point out that there envisaging a 22GW figure by 2020 – that would equate to solar panels being installed on 4 million homes.

According to the Guardian, whilst we’re all proud of passing the 1GW milestone, it should be noted that Germany (currently cutting it’s own tariff scheme amounts) installed 7.5GW in 2011 and currently has half the world’s solar power – 25GW installed.

photo credit: darlene

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