Isle of Wight wind turbine plans on hold

Shorter turbines required?

Isle of Wight radio reported how plans for a 5 wind turbine development have been put on hold whilst the council asks for more information on the impact the turbines will have on the neighbouring residents and countryside.

In particular, English Heritage wants more information on visual impact to nearby heritage sites, Natural England want more info on the likely effects on local bat and bird populations, whilst other parties want to know more about the envisaged access and maintenance roads that will be needed to build and maintain the turbines.

Rambling groups, RSPB and dept’s within the council itself are also asking for more information.

Perhaps we need to start exploring smaller, less visible turbines? Although the output may be reduced, by adding more (surely a safe planning bet given the height / visual aspect seems to always crop up), then overall output of a planned site could just about be maintained?

photo credit: tumbleweed

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