Is your roofing under attack?

The longest day, the start of Wimbledon and the Glastonbury festival. Each event in its own right guaranteed to bring the odd shower or two but put together and, well, we might as well start building Arks now.

Whilst the latest rain is welcome relief for the land and crops, it’s not so welcome for older roofs, guttering and flashings, that under the recent warm weather, might have ‘shrunk’ or warped exposing gaps through which rain water can leak into your home.

And if you’ve been thinking of replacing your fascia and guttering, then now is the perfect time, as once the Summer ends, guttering and fascia replacement companies soon get booked up for weeks in advance.

The other side of the coin is that when its warm and sunny, no-one really thinks to have their guttering or fascia looked at. Subsequently, there are some very good deals to be had from replacement fascia companies right now, keen to keep their work diaries full during the ‘drought’.

The Fascia Quoter service is here to help you, from the comfort of your own home, by giving you an instant online quote.

Only afterwards, if you decide to, can you take our service further by allowing us to find the top 3 fascia companies in your area, based on quality feedback and price, to come round and give you a completely free, no obligation quote for your property.

Unlike our online quotes, their specific quotes will include any promotions or offers they’re currently running.

Top Tip: If you’re not a detached property, why not enquire with your neighbour if they’ve been thinking of getting their fascia replaced? Larger jobs (or a combination of both adjoining properties) will attract larger discounts and even better value for money for both of you.

Fact: Upvc fascia is not just available in white upvc anymore, coming in wood grain (oak and cherry) upvc finishes as well as black. Other colours may be available on a more restricted basis, depending on the installation company.

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