Is your British Gas fixed price tariff about to end?

gas price freeze end - home improvement quotes for solar panels and double glazing
Word on Twitter last week was that up to half a million Homeowners who signed up to a 5 year fixed price plan from British Gas are in for a shock as their plans come to an end.

According to an article by Sophie Griffiths, those homeowners who signed up in 2005 have been saving an estimated £472 a year.

So if you’re suddenly facing a massive rise in your home heating and energy costs, then there are a few options you may consider.

Either look at a new fixed price agreement – whilst you’ll be paying more than you are used to, you’ll still be able to make annual savings on your gas and electricity bills.

Alternatively (or in conjunction with), you might consider making use of last months feed-in tariffs for renewable energy production for your home. Photovoltaic (electricity generating) solar panels can be setup so that any surplus generated is ‘sold’ back to the national grid.

If you are considering any form of renewable energy installation, then it’s important to look very carefully at your present energy usage and see where you can make savings – from low energy light bulbs to turning down thermostats, fitting double glazing or increasing insulation in your loft and walls will all help and there are still grants available for such schemes.

If you’d like to find out more about the costs involved in fitting a solar panel system to your home or get an instant online quote for double glazing, then head over to Home Improvement Quotes and get your instant online quotes without the need for a salesman to call.

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