Is it too much to ask for a little precipitation

“Borrowed” from the film Evan Almighty – you know, the one where the guy gets told he has to build an ark? Worse, he starts turning into ‘Noah’ sprouting a long beard and hair despite his best efforts to shave etc.

I love that bit in the film.

As our 10 year old daughter would say – it’s a heart-warming story for all the family (something we kid her about after asking what a film was about to which she promptly rattled off the spiel on the back of the dvd case).

Anyway I digress. At the risk of inviting the heavens to open on your bar-b-que or parade, what are you doing when it rains? ( a frequent occurrence in the UK).

There’s lots of talk of renewable energy but one big saving a household can make is recycling rainwater through a rainwater collection system.

We’re not talking about a water butt under the garden shed’s drainpipe to water the garden with (although that is an excellent way to start and you should be doing that already) – No. We’re talking about systems that store rainwater underground in your garden and the water can be used to flush toilets with etc.

Some new developments are already starting to make use of the latest systems and eco-conscious homeowners are installing them onto existing homes.

Surface water has become a serious problem in recent years with many floods being blamed on the amount of driveways and gardens being given over to patios where the surface isn’t porous any more.

Rain water harvesting could be one partial solution to the problem.

photo credit: marxchivist

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