Is it possible to be energy efficient in your office?

We talk a lot about energy efficiency in the home – whether that’s buying ‘a’ rated double glazing, fitting insulation or even solar panels.

Part of that process is being more energy efficient but what about around the workplace?

It’s in all our interests to make as many individual cost savings as possible during the working day. Less cost (money as well as environmental savings) means a better bottom line for your employer and hopefully, some of that ‘good fortune’ will see it’s way back into your pocket – we can hope. If it’s only the environment that gains, well that’s no bad thing either.

So take a few minutes to look around your working environment and everyday ‘common-place’ practises you could curb or amend in the name of energy efficiency:

Lighting – are you using or is it possible to change to more energy efficient bulbs? Make sure you turn all lights off when not in a room – e.g meeting rooms and individual offices.

Paper – ask yourself do you really need to print that off? What could you change – e.g emailing pdf invoices instead of postal invoices, staff email bulletins instead of printed memo’s.

Recycling – whether that’s the numerous trade magazines you receive in the post (if you don’t read them – unsubscribe yourself now!) or printed material. Don’t forget plastics like water cooler cups and any cans from vending machines.

Electricity – do you really need to leave your PC in standby mode all night? Shut down PC’s completely (and don’t forget to switch off monitors too). Don’t forget to switch off any radio’s too. Power tools etc on trickle charge left on all night still use electricity. Switching all these items off, over the course of a year, can save more than just a pretty penny.

Renewable EnergySolar panels (and other renewable energy generators) aren’t just for the home. Businesses can also earn from Government Tariffs and many businesses will have plenty of roof space upon which to site such an installation.

Commuting – do you live near a colleague? Could you share car journeys? Do you have to work from the office? Do you have to use the car? With escalating fuel prices, many commuters are already sharing or using alternative forms of transport – you may have noticed a few more cyclists on the way into work lately. Could your employer provide a shower facility to encourage more to cycle or could they be flexible with shift / work times to encourage car sharing? Worth asking wouldn’t you say?

Whatever you do – whatever energy saving tip you take on board, the option of doing nothing isn’t really an option at all. It really is in everybody’s interest to take energy efficiency and savings on board, and quickly too.

Top Tip. If you’re too shy to make a suggestion outright – why not make an anonymous suggestion to your boss or team leader. Just because you’ve spotted where savings could be made doesn’t mean someone else will have also spotted it.

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One thought on “Is it possible to be energy efficient in your office?”

  1. The two things I did in my office was to swap out the fluorescent bulb light fixtures in lieu of recessed can lights with energy efficient flood light style bulbs which give off a brilliant bright white light, which is easier on my eyes, and they never get warm either. I also have everyone in the office turn off their desktop computers each night, and turn the power switch off at the wall. There are a lot of other small things we do as well which all add up to some noticeable cost savings each month.

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