Instant online Air & Ground Source Heat Pump Quotes

“Heat Pump Quoter – instant online quotes”

The ‘Quoter family of websites proudly announces a NEW ‘Quoter website…. Heat Pump Quoter.

Like our other ‘Quoter websites, Heat Pump Quoter will give homeowners an instant online quote for both Air and Ground Source Heat Pump installations on their homes.

If you’re interested in generating renewable heat for your home, why not give our new website a try? – click here

Heat pumps work like a fridge in reverse – extracting the heat from the surrounding air or ground, compressing it and pumping the resulting heat into your home.

This warm ‘source’ can be used to heat your hot water, power warm air convection heating, heat your underfloor heating and even run its own ‘central heating’ radiator system.

At present there are grants of up to £1250 available from the Governments Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme – running until March 2012.

And the whole renewable industry’s hoping Air and Ground Source heat pump systems will feature heavily in the Governments anticipated Renewable Heat Incentives – a bit like the current solar feed-in tariffs – due to come into force in the Autumn of next year (2012).

We’re already building a UK network of Air and Ground Source Heat Pump installation companies to put those homeowners, interested in taking their online quote further, in contact with and would welcome applications from any heat pump installers, to join our service.

If you’re a Heat Source Pump installer, click here to find out more about Price Engines service.

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