Individuality rules!

Whilst houses may all look the same from the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. If you could have the perfect house, what features would you want it to have?

Somewhere to relax – that’s easy but not so when the same room doubles as the homework room and the computer room/study. Earphones strongly recommended!

Somewhere to eat – does your kitchen have the ability to cope with everything from a quick bowl of cereal to an evening dining extravaganza for eight?

Somewhere quiet – are you really secluded when people are constantly passing through your ‘quiet space’ or you can hear the television or a stereo?

Somewhere snug – if you’ve got family then it’s always nice to occasionally steal a ‘break’ from the kids with a quiet cup of something.

Somewhere to sleep – pretty essential but if your storage is encroaching on the bed space, then you’ve got problems.

Somewhere to soak – nothing beats a soak in a hot bath but if your family’s outgrowing the washroom facilities (teenagers always seem to be in the bathroom), then perhaps it’s time you thought about adding another bathroom just for you.

Whilst everyones idea of a perfect interior will differ, there’s lots that will overlap and like the examples above, many if not all can be fixed with a little planning and access to the best home improvement companies in the UK.

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