Imminent solar tariff change cancels Somerset solar farm plan

Somerset fields left to the apples…
With the solar tariff reductions imminent, Energy firm Ecotricty announced it’s plans to scrap a planned solar farm in Somerset, blaming the tariff cuts.
The 26 acre site would have generated enough energy to power 1,500 homes, in an industry which has seen 25,000 new jobs created in the last 18 months.
The company says the reduction from 29p to less than 9p per kW in tariff payments for commercial installations of this nature, meant the development has had to be dropped.
The Government has stated it had to do something to secure the long term viability of the tariff system by reducing the tariffs paid. Domestic installations have been enjoying a tariff rate of 43p per kW. New installations from the 12th December will get a rate of just 21p per kW.
Falling installation prices and more efficient panels should see homeowners get a decent return on their investment, albeit over a slightly longer period. However, for commercial enterprises where thousands would have been invested in acres of solar panels, the cost reductions do not outweigh the massive investment up front, it seems.
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