Ikea – not all flat pack and meatballs

Ikea – the flat-pack superstore famous for swedish product names you can’t pronounce and meatball suppers, has just bought a wind farm in Scotland.

The 12.3 megawatt wind farm could cover up to 30 percent of Ikea’s total UK energy use.

However, Ikea isn’t stopping there. With typical nordic efficiency, they’re also planning to install 39,000 solar panels across 10 UK stores which will provide an average additional 5% of each stores energy usage. (source Bloomberg).

The Ikea Group already owns wind farms in Denmark, Germany and France.

According to Bloomberg, Ikea is looking to reduce its exposure to fluctuating energy prices, which cost the company $1.7 billion a year.

The planned solar panel installation will cost in the region of 4 million pounds.

photo credit: tgkohn

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