If you hadn’t already guessed – UK the most traffic-clogged in Europe

(in your dreams!)

The UK is the most traffic clogged nation in europe but of course we (at least anyone who’s unfortunate enough to have to drive anywhere on a Friday evening) already knew that didn’t we?

What you may not know – it certainly made my chin drop to the floor – its just how much time we waste sitting in endless traffic jams.

For example, it can take on average 56% longer to complete a journey around Manchester on a Friday evening than at an un-congested period.

Drivers waste on average 72 hours a year in the Manchester area queuing.

Other statistics discovered by INRIX UK showed that Wednesdays were the worst traffic day with the best week day for travelling being a Friday but don’t leave it too late as Friday was the worst day for evening commuting.

Friday featured again as the best week day commuting hour – Fridays between 6 and 7 am.

The worst traffic bottleneck was a 1.24 mile stretch of the M5 as you head towards Birmingham at J8 on the M6 which was congested for 63 hours a week producing an average speed of below 15mph. On a Friday evening, that average speed reduced to a mere 8mph – quicker to cycle?

If your a commuter then the full figures will ring horribly true but they make fascinating, if not morbid reading, all the same.

Visit clickgreen.org to read the full report by clicking here.

Think I’ll just pull into the motorway services – a cup of tea is cheaper than the petrol I’d burn sitting in those queues – even at motorway service station prices.

photo credit: alan d

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