How cool will your double glazing be this summer?

When we think about having double glazing fitted, we tend to think about warmth and cutting out draughts, hence many of the window designs we decide on reflect this.

But what about the Summer when you want to have a window open?

It’s worth bearing in mind that windows with large opening panels mean you’ll very often not open them for security reasons. Specifying windows with a small opening pane (like more traditional wooden windows) means you’re much more likely to feel more secure when leaving one of the smaller panes open.

Whether that’s while you’re sleeping at night or airing the house whilst sitting in the back garden, you’ll be glad you specified a small opening pane when the Summer arrives.

Most designs feature a lockable handle option whereby you can ‘lock’ the window on a setting that leaves it slightly ajar.

WindowQuoter – the online double glazing quoting website lets you choose the style of window you’d like to include in your quote. Rather than just entering a set of measurements, you can actually choose between popular window styles including ones with smaller opening panes, to ensure that you get as accurate a price guide as possible. Visit WindowQuoter now and enjoy a cool Summer that’s not at the expense of a cold Winter.

photo credit: josh seman

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