Housing Professionals head for Liverpool to hear what’s green

A national green energy training forum will play host to housing professionals from across the uk at a special annual conference in Liverpool in October.

Guest speakers and presentations will highlight the very latest in on incorporating green energy into both private and mass housing initiatives, as well as advice on funding and training.

Last years conference attracted over 160 delegates with this year promising to be even bigger. Of particular interest will be feed-in tariffs and other green energy incentives advice.

With the Government setting green energy production targets of 20% by 2020 (currently we generate just 1.5%), it’s very much in the hands of the building professionals to take up the challenge and incorporate green energy devices into new builds as well as incorporating green energy into existing housing stock refurbishments.

You’ll find full details of how to attend amongst the full report at 24Dash by clicking here.

photo credit: srboisvert

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