Housing Expo’ homes up for sale

24 homes from last year’s Scottish Housing Expo are now up for sale.

The Press and Journal reveals all in interview with the agent on site, who took the reporters around some of the homes.

The homes were all built with energy efficiency in mind so once you get past the designer price tag, you’ll have a property that is hugely energy efficient.

Featuring eco-friendly heating systems, the properties, despite the large amounts of glass used which create a very open and airy feel, are deceptively warm, even in cold weather thanks to state of the art insulation materials and techniques used in the construction.

It’s a bold glimpse of what eco-friendly communities could look like in the future and we can only hope that the construction techniques used find there way into mainstream construction as a matter of urgency.

Bizarrely, the article doesn’t mention whether any of the homes have renewable energy sources like solar panels installed on them – even a community wind turbine?

photo credit: accretion disc

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