Homeowners leave feedback on home improvement companies – new feature

homeowner feedback on local home improvement companies
If you’ve been visiting home improvement quotes .co.uk (the parent website for the ‘Quoter family of websites) over the last few days, you’ll have seen the big re-design take shape before your very eyes.

You’ll have also noticed the slight change in the way we’re now able to help you with your home improvement project – for the better.

You can still get an instant online quote for over 17 different home improvement projects, but now, once you’ve visited one of our ‘Quoter websites and got a quote, you’ll be able to access homeowner feedback – the good, the indifferent and the bad on local companies to you, to help you choose the right company for your project.

If you go onto use our local company matching service (which is still completely FREE), we’ll also be asking you if you would like to add your own feedback and help other homeowners make the best decision for them.

Homeowner feedback – with tens of thousands of comments and star ratings left so far – we’re one of the most knowledgeable home improvement company database services in the UK and certainly one of the most open – you get to see all the comments, not just the good ones.

Click here to give our new look / new benefit home improvement quotes website a try and find out more about how we use your feedback to help over 3,500 other homeowners every week.

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