Homeowners are still confused about the actual benefits of renewables study claims

My thanks to Click Green for publishing this timely piece about a research survey that revealed nearly two-thirds of households in the UK don’t know enough about micro-generation systems to make an informed decision.

This includes solar and wind technology.

Whilst most believed renewable energy was important, many “were confused” about the actual benefits – both financial and energy usage – that a good renewables installation could deliver.

Hardly surprising was the conclusion that many homeowners have been left confused by hard sell tactics from equipment dealers, and according to Adam Hewson, co-founder of ReEnergise Renewables, “are looking for honest and independent advisors to guide them through the renewables market”.

There’s a lot of very worrying statistics here. Given that the Feed-in Tariffs have been with us for nearly a year and with the Renewable Heat Incentives due to start later this year, it’s clear that the cost saving and environmental benefits of renewables aren’t getting across, to a public, who it seems, know it’s important technology.

Read the full report here.

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