Homeowners accept higher price rather than haggle

Abroad, haggling is often an everyday fact of life, whether you’re shopping for groceries or something more expensive.

In the UK, haggling is often regarded as off-putting – even stressful. Most of us prefer not to get into ‘negotiations’ over price.

So when confronted with a home improvement salesman whose prices seem high, we seem to either accept them or just say no-thank you. Our feedback suggests homeowners rarely haggle over the quoted price, despite thinking it’s high.

what’s a fair price?

The trouble is how do you know if you’re being charged too much? What’s a fair price?

You can save yourself more than just money if you get an online quote first. You’ll not only have a ‘ball-park’ figure (so you’ll know if a quote is wildly over-priced), but we’ll also be able to get you up to three local companies to call round, confirm your measurements or the details of what you’d like doing and then leave you with their best price in writing. No fuss and no haggling.

Why not try getting your haggle free double glazing quote today? You’ll be joining over 3,500 other homeowners this week who also don’t enjoy haggling.

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