Home Improvement News Headlines in Brief

The latest headlines from the UK home improvement industry…

Renewable revolution.

Over 2,200 households installed solar panels during August – a record for the UK.

This compares with 1,700 installations in July and just 1,400 in June.

The surge is being attributed to the Feed-in tariff schemes growing popularity.
(source Financial Times)

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Fears DIY injuries may increase.

A spokesman from the National Home Improvement Show has warned of a rise in injuries as more homeowners attempt home improvements to save money.

Take the example of one chap who was taken to hospital suffering from severe burns following an explosion. It was found fumes from his tile sealer had ignited which blew 4 windows out of his home and caused the roof to rise.

Most at risk are homeowners who attempt work on central heating systems. The advice is to always go with a Gas Safe registered engineer for any work on boilers or heating systems. As well as the risk of explosion, there’s also the risks of carbon monoxide leaks and water leaks.

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First time buyers choose pleasure over practicality

A report from Santander Mortgages reveals that first time buyers spend an average of £3,782 on kitting out their new homes. That’s equivalent to 3% of the average national house price.

With over half a million choosing pleasure over practicality and putting large amounts of cash towards house warming parties, some 43% of first time buyers said they spent their first £1000 on sofas and armchairs, followed by beds and kitchen appliances.

At least 43% of first time buyers won’t be turning up back home with their laundry then!

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