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Whilst many people will choose a wooden floor for purely aesthetic reasons, there is a growing number of homeowners and businesses that are switching onto the health benefits of fitting wooden flooring in place of more traditional carpet.

For the fashion conscious, there’s easy availability and an enormous variety of wooden floor ‘finishes’ to choose from to. All manor of colours and grain patterns are now readily available. Real wood flooring (sourced responsibly of course), can add warmth and character with Natural Oak being a favourite for it’s neutral colour that will compliment a variety of interiors. It’s also easy to stain and varnish and more hardwearing.

For the health conscious, wooden flooring can reduce dust mites and mould and only requires a hoover or sweep with a broom to keep it clean, eliminating dust and pollen particles that may settle and accumulate in carpet. Something, particularly asthmatics and allergy sufferers, will appreciate.

Incidentally, on a similar vein, wooden blinds are now being championed as more friendly to allergy sufferers than curtains, which can trap and release dust and pollen like a carpet. Some health professionals are already advocating more use of blinds in hospitals etc. Now there are also interior window shutters to consider instead of curtains for your home.

Back to wooden floors, spills are more easily dealt with than on carpet, and a variety of wooden floor treatments mean you can keep the surface looking good for ages.

Easter seems to be a particularly busy time for new floors. Perhaps it’s the fact that (hopefully) the worst of the wet, sludgy winter weather is behind us, and we all feel like brightening our homes up.

Whatever your reason for thinking about wooden flooring, Flooring Quoter can give you an online quote in seconds, from the comfort of your own home, without the need for any flooring salesman to visit you; saving you time trawling through wooden floor company showrooms this Easter.

Our top wooden floor care tips:

Keep dirt and grit off floors by using mats at doorways

Use felt tipped floor protectors on furniture legs

Keep pets nails trimmed

Use a dust mop at least once a week to keep surface dust to a minimum

And if our article wetted your appetite for wooden window blinds or window shutters, then there’s separate ‘Quoter websites for those products too:

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