Heat pump excitement the cause of erratic posting

“another wobbly day”

Apologies to our regular readers, here at Solar Panel Quoter – The Blog, for our rather erratic posting these last few days.

Usually, we feature a new post / story concerning renewable energy every day (Monday to Friday), however two totally separate and opposing events have conspired to prevent that, this week so far.

Firstly, on Monday, we launched our newest online instant quoting website for homeowners interested in getting a quote for either Air Source Heat Pumps or Ground Source Heat Pumps (click the links to try it yourself).

With renewable energy very much in the news – especially with the recent Solar PV tariff cuts announced and the scrambling for installations and information, whilst the solar industry itself plans legal action to get the date in question – 12th December – postponed or at least moved backwards. We’re hoping to offer homeowners as much choice and information on all their renewable energy alternatives.

Secondly, and quite unconnected, the Mac I write and manage all the blog material decided to ‘through a complete graphics wobbly’ over the weekend, resulting in a probable 10 day stay as guests of the Apple repair shop in Sheffield.

Through the miracle of back-ups, normal service is resuming.

We’ll be back tomorrow with an article on how a German company is developing a smaller, more efficient  panel which could throw a real life-line to those with small roofs, but who still want to install a sizeable solar panel system on it.

photo credit: purple13

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