Heat Pump efficiency

Air and ground source heat pumps are a tried and trusted technology, but relatively few homeowners have ever heard of them, let alone considered using them to heat their homes or hot water needs, in place of conventional fossil fuel systems.

Properties not on ‘mains gas’, and relying on oil or LPG fired central heating as well as those properties heated by storage heaters stand to make the most gains from a heat pump installation, but any home will benefit from what is classed as a renewable energy source.

Yes, heat pumps involve an electrical supply to power the pump / heat exchange mechanism, but are highly efficient.

For example, their coefficient of performance (COP) can be anywhere from 300% to 500%. e.g a system requiring 1kW to run might produce 4kW output – a COP of 4 to 1 (an efficiency of 400%).

As the heat pump association points out, the COP figure can vary according to the temperature of the air/water entering the system.

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