HD T.V succeeds where Blu-Ray fails in UK homes

An online survey has revealed that whilst 50% of adults have spent money on home entertainment  technology in the last two years, only 10% of them bought Blu-ray players.
The research by the British Video Association revealed that HD TV’s were the top purchase – some 28% had bought a HD television in the last two years. 20% had bought games consoles followed by 17% subscribing to satellite and HD services.
27% (the highest proportion) had bought home cinema set-ups to enjoy the advances in sound and picture quality afforded by new broadcasting and viewing technology.
1 in 10 adults did admit to buying home cinema systems because it was cheaper than a trip to the cinema.
The Summer’s World Cup saw a rise in HD TV sales, in the survey of over 2,000 respondents by the BVA during 2 surveys carried out in October.
(this story first appeared in our 15th November 2010 Homeowner newsletter – click here to read it in full)

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