Half price Fascia if your home is semi-detached

If you live in a semi-detached property, you could get your fascia and other home improvements at half price.

You’ll recall in my last post I talked about an Easter visit to my parents in Cambridgeshire and how my Dad had been showing off the latest garden power tool additions to his collection.

What I ran out of time to tell you about was during the visit, he was also showing off the lovely new Fascia on his garage.

As garages go, it’s the size of a decent terraced house. It backs onto the next door neighbours garage so the run of fascia, not to mention the cladding on the front apex over the door, adds up to a considerable area.

It’s been an annual job sanding and repainting and my Dad always wishes he’d had it replaced with Upvc fascia when he’d had the house done.

Still the opportunity presented itself when their new neighbours called and said they were enquiring about having their side replaced and was my Dad interested in being included. This would mean a bigger discount as the size of the job would be bigger.

Well my Dad sized it up and got his own quotes and unsurprisingly discovered that teaming up with his new neighbour did represent a very good deal.

So by the time I’d visited in April, both garages were looking very resplendent indeed.

I’m happy because my Dad was happy – happy to get the job finally done, happy to not have to think about getting the ladders out and having to repaint the lot again (he is 75 this year) and happy to have saved a considerable amount by teaming up with his neighbour to obtain a bigger discount than he could have achieved singularly.

If you’re thinking about replacing your fascia or guttering, then try FasciaQuoter for an instant online price guide. Later, if you decide you’d like to get those quotes confirmed in writing from our network of registered companies, why not approach your neighbour – they might be thinking along the same lines. In fact, many times our registered fascia companies will report ending up quoting several homes on the same street, following an initial enquiry from a homeowner through our own Fascia Quoter website.

Obtaining a better discount may be closer than you think.

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