Green taxes actually have negative effect on renewables construction

How many tonnes of cement does it take to generate one megawatt of offshore wind energy?

1? 2? 10?

I found the answer whilst perusing an article on the Telegraph’s website about how the raising of green taxes was actually harming the very companies that produced the materials used in wind turbine construction.

The answer is actually 150 tonnes.

Whilst that might seem like an incredible figure (if you’ve every laid a concrete drive, a cubic metre looks like Mount Snowdon), what’s more incredible is the fact that due to tax rises, it may actually be cheaper for the companies to buy cement from Spain rather than produce their own in the UK.

The Telegraphs article carries stark warnings for steel and lubricant manufacturers, all feeling the effects of raised ‘green taxes’. It’s well worth a read which you can do so by clicking here.

photo credit: tu

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