Green days out during the Summer holidays

I think it’s great minds thinking alike – there I was sat at my desk thinking “I really ought to write a blog post about some ‘green days’ out as its the Summer holidays”, when i started searching for likely venues and ideas when I came across this article in the Guardian.

They’ve produced a wonderfully inventive list.

I’ll recap their top ten here but do visit their article for a more in-depth review of what each location has to offer.

Who knows, maybe there’s one right on your doorstep? Perhaps you could use public transport or better still, cycle to your nearest venue? After all, getting there is all part of the adventure.

Top Ten green days out:

The Eden Project – St Austell
Join a Green Gym – various locations
FIndhorn – North West Scotland
Earthships – Scotland & Brighton
Visit a Farmers’ Market
Apple Day
Audley End – Saffron Walden, Essex
Centre for Alternative Technology
Nature’s World – Middlesborough
Bewilderwood – Norfolk

As I said, all the contact details and more in-depth review can be found on the Guardian’s article.

photo credit: mykl roventine

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