Greater interest in Solar Panels

Spending money on your own solar panel installation will give you a better return than leaving your money in the bank.

Our Solar Panel Quoting website has seen a massive increase in homeowner usage – people getting online quotes, looking to compare installation costs and the benefits of keeping all of the feed-in tariff contributions to themselves, by using both locally and nationally, recognised installation companies.

Many of these installation companies are offering some really good deals at the moment – one is offering free home energy surveys, whilst others have gone further by offering free cavity wall and loft insulation with their installations.

Cavity wall insulation alone can save an average household around £110 a year off their energy bills – a CO2 saving of around 560kg a year. Loft insulation will save you a further £145 a year and save 730kg of CO2 (source: Energy Saving Trust).

To make the most of your renewable energy generating installation, it’s important to reduce your homes energy usage as much as possible (hence offers like the free energy surveys etc.).

photo credit: edmund tse

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