Government says no to Double Glazing Scrappage Scheme – make do with Green Deal

The Government has responded to a double glazing scrappage scheme petition.

Despite individual window companies offering customers ‘scrappage scheme’ discounts on double glazing, there’s been no official Government campaign like the motor trade scheme the window companies have, and continue to copy.

However, after being petitioned by the glazing industry, the Government has finally responded.

Whilst it says it won’t entertain an outright national scrappage scheme for replacement windows, even though it admits the cost of a full house installation could be on a par with purchasing a new car, it expects “double glazing will be one of the measures that can be installed under the Green Deal”.

The Green Deal is a scheme where energy companies and high street stores will be required to finance insulation and other energy efficiency measures in homes upfront. The costs will then be paid back by the homeowner through their energy bills based on the energy savings they make. Effectively, the homeowner doesn’t benefit from cheaper energy bills, but does get the value of the improvements.

Key properties that will be targeted are those that are difficult or expensive to heat – properties without cavity wall insulation and residential areas of fuel poverty.

Local authorities are helping the Government identify those homes and areas that will benefit most from a Green Deal.

It’s not all bad news for homeowners then (or the double glazing industry which was hoping for a welcome boost to sales on the back of a nationally recognised scheme) but in the meantime, there will always be window companies offering superb individual money saving offers including their own scrappage schemes and finance options.

If you’re interested in offers, keep a close eye out for VAT free offers. There are quite a few about now but expect the number to increase the nearer to December we get, ahead of the VAT increase to 20% in January.

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One thought on “Government says no to Double Glazing Scrappage Scheme – make do with Green Deal”

  1. It's such a shame that the government has a put a stop to this – it would have been a great way of converting the country to better energy efficiency.

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