Getting your Conservatory ready for Summer

Did you know that in 2004 alone, over 270,000 conservatories were installed on properties around the UK?

That’s a lot of conservatories, but how many get a regular Spring clean? The days are getting longer and sunnier so now’s the time to think about getting out the sponge and soft brushes and giving your conservatory a good clean ready for the sunny hours ahead.

You’ll benefit from lower general maintenance, a longer lifespan for your conservatory and your enjoyment of using it in general.

Over the Winter, leaves and dirt will have collected in the guttering so start by cleaning out any silt or debris that could cause a blockage of the guttering system, including the down pipes and any exit points into drains or grates, before rinsing out the whole lot once you’re done. Check (if possible) that water is falling freely down any downpipes.

Next, turn your attention to the conservatory roof. Check for signs of any lead flashing (the point where the conservatory meets the brick wall of your home) coming away from the rest of the property. Any gaps will be a potential for rain to get inside your home.

Then give the roof panels a good clean using a mild detergent and a soft brush or sponge. Never use harsh abrasives or stiff brushes as these can affect the glass coatings etc. Follow your conservatory installers cleaning and maintenance guides if you’re at all unsure.

Pay attention to the plastic frame and any decorative ridges.

Take care if you’re using a ladder or something else to stand on to reach. A better idea is one of those extendable poles with a brush or sponge attachment on the end. If you’ve already done the guttering first, then you can use a hose pipe to rinse off the roof afterwards.

Finally, wash and leather off the wall panels. Check the pointing on any dwarf walls is sound and doesn’t need repair – particularly after a harsh winter when frost damage can cause pointing to come loose.

Now turn your attention to the window and door hinges and locks. Use a recommended lubricant to oil moving parts and check that they operate smoothly afterwards.

Now put the kettle on and sit back in the warm sun. By removing those dirty deposits, the sun will do a far better job of heating and lighting your conservatory. And the windows and doors you just oiled will open easily to let those Summer breezes in.

If you didn’t fit or specify conservatory blinds when you had your conservatory first installed, why not consider them now? Blinds make a big difference to how you use your conservatory, especially in the Summer months when it can be a little too bright or warm to work or sit in.

If the idea of being able to sit out in a conservatory or perhaps using one to create a living space that is equally at home, serving as a dining area as it is a home office, then you’ll want to find out how much it will cost you. But don’t go calling any old company just yet.

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5 thoughts on “Getting your Conservatory ready for Summer”

  1. Nice blog. It's really important you maintain a clean conservatory, especially the windows. If you use your conservatory regularly, this probably won't be an issue, but many are used only once or twice a year for entertaining and other purposes. If you have spent the money on building it, then a clean every so often will pay dividends.

  2. You make a very valid point regarding the amount of use a conservatory gets.

    Even just opening the doors and windows once in a while probably helps although prolonged closure can result in hinges being forced open which can cause their failure.

    You're then likely be faced with a real search to track down replacement hinges that match the old ones.


  3. Hi London Ext's and thanks for stopping by.

    I've read a lot of recent comments from conservatory companies complaining that the homeowner enthusiasm for conservatories is low due to un-inspiring designs etc.

    Some have cited the typical 'green roofed' white frame conservatory, which you can see a lot of examples of driving around any estate, as a reason for

  4. This is great thank you.

    We suffer a lot with condensation and i am doing all that you recommended 🙂 Also the end of our polycarbonate sheets are not air tight so i am in the process….and it is a lonnnnggg process so any tips would be grateful…. of removing the end closures, removing the anti dust tape and getting rid of all the algae that has grown. It is a nightmare as it is in

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