Getting unnecessarily excited over eco-friendly homes

When a tweet popped up the other day announcing a new eco-friendly housing development in Northamptonshire going up for sale, I got very excited at the prospect that finally, eco-friendly property construction had come of age.

So I was a little disappointed when I read on, only to discover that there were no community solar panels, no estate wind turbines… not even a deep geo-thermal well for the close.

What lucky buyers will get is a property constructed from the latest energy efficient materials, including the floor, walls, windows and roof plus a heat recovery system which will draw hot air from shower and bathrooms and pump that heat back into the home.

Some of the properties will include a GasSave heat recovery system which re-circulates heat from the exhaust flu to pre-heat the mains water entering the system.

Taps and showers are fitted with water saving restrictors and even the bath is designed to require less water.

Finally, all the Taylor Wimpy homes come with composting bins and water butts to help owners recycle and re-use as much natural resource as possible.

Shame about the lack of a wind turbine though….

photo credit: woodleywonderworks

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