Getting by with just a wood burning stove in Norway

Full credit to Sarah Lonsdale and The Telegraph for an interesting and thought provoking piece on how we heat our homes, here in the UK, and what we should be aiming for.

She recalls a Norwegian cousin who considers english homes cold, and whose own home is heated by a single log burner (read the full article here).

Have economics and, prior energy prices before the last few years really blinded house builders and buyers to the need for more energy efficient housing construction?

It’s worth a read – made me feel like building my own house at the end of it all. (That’s a pipe-dream for me as I’m no good on ladders and have never been able to saw a piece of wood in two and achieve a straight line)!

There’s also an interesting paragraph detailing how one welsh farmhouse has been transformed with renewable energy and insulation to roof, walls and floor.

photo credit: shandchem

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