Getting a solar panel installation for free

You may be aware that certain companies have started offering free solar panel installations. The catch? They get to keep the Governments installation grants and any money from the sale of excess generated electricity that’s sold back to the National Grid.

There are usually certain qualifying conditions – re size of roof and direction it faces.

As Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert consumer website reports, you’ll still benefit from lower electricity bills and of course you don’t have to find the money for any installation costs.

However, it may be worth checking out the alternative – particularly if you intend to stay in the property for a long time.

There’s a useful pro’s and con’s section in Martin’s report as well as some example costs and savings comparisons, depending on whether you install yourself or take advantage of a ‘free panels’ and the whole consumer piece is well worth a read.

Click here to visit Money Saving Expert’s article on free solar panels now.

photo credit: alan cleaver

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