Gas prices could be 15% higher next year

As the owners of British Gas – Centrica – report a 1% rise in profits against last years figures, they also warned that gas prices could be 15% higher by next Winter*.

It’s a real ‘see-saw’ of prices for households – as energy prices continue to rise, so installation prices for renewable energies like solar panels power continue to fall.

A typical 4kWh solar pv system was costing an average of £12,000+ this time last year, but with falling installation and manufacturing costs, you could find the same system for upwards of £8,000 today.

That’s before any individual solar installation companies promotions or offers.

The feed-in tariff might be falling, meaning a slightly longer pay-back period on your installation before you start recouping on your investment, but the Government reckons it’s aiming for a return rate of around 5% for investors who put their money where their roof is.

And if gas prices are going to rise by 15% next Winter, then the benefits and cost savings of generating your own energy become ever clearer.

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photo credit: dbgg1979

*source BBC

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