Free solar panel installation schemes – how many homeowners rejected?

One ‘free solar panel installation scheme’ company alone has received some 42,000 enquiries from households interested in renting out their roof to them, in return for cheaper energy, during the Summer.

What we don’t know is how many applications have been rejected due to individual property suitability – location, roof position, roof size and the presence of overhanging obstacles etc.

These installation companies are carrying all the risk and expense of a major installation, so it’s not unreasonable to expect them to be quite fussy over which properties they deem suitable for qualification. If you are rejected, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your property is unsuitable for installing solar energy, merely that it may not always produce the maximum return on available direct sunlight

Our Solar Panel Quoting website has also seen a massive increase in homeowner usage – people getting online quotes, looking to compare installation costs and the benefits of keeping all of the feed-in tariff contributions to themselves, by using both locally and nationally, recognised installation companies.

Many of these installation companies are offering some really good deals at the moment – one was offering free home energy surveys, whilst others have gone further by offering free cavity wall and loft insulation with their installations. Cavity wall insulation alone can save an average household around £110 a year off their energy bills – a CO2 saving of around 560kg a year. Loft insulation will save you a further £145 a year and save 730kg of CO2 (source: Energy Saving Trust). To make the most of your renewable energy generating installation, it’s important to reduce your homes energy usage as much as possible (hence the free energy surveys etc.).

What the figures do illustrate is that more and more homeowners are considering solar energy as a viable energy source for their homes. Whether they’re able (or willing) to take advantage of a free installation offer or would rather keep all the revenue generated for their own pockets, it’s clear that renewable energy is now mainstream.

photo credit: peter kaminski

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