Free solar panel installation company offers free monitoring

A solar panel company that is aiming to supply ‘free’ solar panels to 100,000 homes across the UK has teamed up with a company that provide real time monitoring equipment, which enables homeowners to see how much their solar panels are generating.

The free panels scheme works by offering homeowners free panel installations in return for the company keeping the lucrative feed-in tariffs generated. The homeowner has the benefit of the cheaper energy by effectively renting their roof out to the solar panel installation company.

And with the Government tariffs recently being reduced for larger scale community and private investor ‘brown field’ installations, it’s possible that investors may turn their attention to homeowners in similar schemes.

The company behind the monitoring equipment reckon early customers are already seeing savings of up to 25% just through monitoring their energy usage. The system ‘learns’ a families energy usage patterns, to automate energy use.

Whether you decide you’d rather take advantage of a free installation offer or fund your own investment and keep the Governments tariffs all to yourself, Solar Panel Quoter can help by providing an instant, free, online quote for your solar panel installation.

It’s worth remembering that not all homes will qualify for a free installation type scheme. Depending on your homes orientation to the sun and the possibility of any overhanging obstructions – even your location, can affect whether you’ll qualify or not. Free installation companies will be looking to maximise their investment in your homes installation by guaranteeing as quick a payback period as possible.

So your home will have to be well situated to make maximum use of available sunlight.

photo credit: chris lackey

Note: This article first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 4th April 2011. Click here to read the full newsletter.

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