Fitted Kitchen revival thanks to food obsessed TV channels.

It seems you can’t turn on a television these days without seeing a food related or cooking orientated show. From celebrity cook-offs to food health and dieting shows, it seems we have an insatiable appetite for all things culinary.

And this desire to go and create what we’ve just watched is, it seems, encouraging more and more homeowners to splash out on a new kitchen.

The present economic climate is also having an effect as more people stay in and cook something themselves rather than venture out to eat. And if they’re staying in to cook, then they want to be enjoying the surroundings.

So this need for domestic economy doesn’t mean we don’t want to cook on the latest stoves or be surrounded by hand fitted cabinets and worktops.

We’ve noticed a lot of recent offers made by kitchen companies have been centred around either free appliances or worktops (including granite worktops) so it’s worth getting a range of quotes before deciding which company (or offer) is most useful to you, your home and your family.

To find out what offers are available in your area, visit Kitchen Quoter – get your online quote and then let us show you what’s on offer in your neighbourhood.

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