Fitted kitchen – choose the right appliances.

When you’re planning a new kitchen, it seems either great attention or no attention at all is paid to the actual appliances you intend to fit.
Whilst functionality is fine, spending a little time considering your kitchen appliance choices can be rewarding and not just from an aesthetic appeal point of view.
With the watch-words being energy efficiency and water saving, your first duty should be to go for those appliances which promise the best energy or resource efficiency.
It might not sound like a lot but over the course of a year, the savings that could be made on, say a dishwasher, could add up. Now multiply those savings made from ovens and hobs, washing machines and even lighting – you get the picture.
The manufacturers have cottoned on to the publics desire for energy efficiency and compulsory energy ratings on all appliances let you compare quickly and easily the benefits of different models and makes.
One other consideration, depending on the size of your kitchen and how you intend to use it might be the noise produced by dish washers or extractor hoods etc. If you don’t ‘live’ in the kitchen, then you can just shut the door on a louder appliance but if your kitchen is used as a gathering point – perhaps you or your children work at the kitchen table etc, then going for the quietest appliances you can afford might also prove to be a long-term blessing.
Finally, you’ll see lots of offers from kitchen companies specifically centered around appliances. Do your homework check what appliances and spec they’re including and if they aren’t right for you, then see if you can negotiate a deal on the appliances you really want.
A new kitchen is a big deal and one improvement you’ll want to enjoy for years to come so it makes sense not to ‘saddle yourself’ with appliances that were second or even third choice. Sometimes though, you may have to compromise on your design ideals, either through what’s physically possible with the space you have, or your budget.
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