Finding ‘Mr Reliable’ – Where do you turn first?

Finding a reliable, trustworthy local garage is worth it’s weight in gold. Knowing that you’re not going to be charged for parts that perhaps didn’t need replacing there and then, or being able to drop in on them without warning on the back of a tow truck (as I did myself the other day) is a very comforting thought.

Not that all main dealers are any different of course, but I’ve always been perfectly happy with my local family run garage thank you very much.

It’s a similar story when you’re trying to find a reputable local company to carry out a home improvement project for you.

Finding them is the hardest part.

You may ask your neighbours or friends for their suggestions and recommendations but if you’re new to the area or they’re not able to help you then where do you turn?

The ‘Quoter family of websites was set up over 10 years ago to provide 2 things. Firstly, to give you an honest online quote, based on real UK prices without the need for a pushy salesman ever to call you.

Secondly, it was set up to offer you the opportunity to get your online quote confirmed by up to three local companies, based on quality and price.

Of course, just as my local garage has added to its services, valeting and drop off and collection etc so we’ve added to our list of helpful services.

For instance, using our online service now gives you access to other homeowner feedback on the companies operating in your area, so you can judge for yourself exactly what sort of job they’ll do for you, before you even let them through your door.

My car was soon back on the road with a minimum of fuss and expense. Maybe it’s time you took our online services for a road test?

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