Finally – Green cars will get Green Electricity

Our regular readers will know that we like to feature articles and stories on green transport – particularly green cars and electric car programmes.

However, the problem with ‘electric cars’ has always been how the electricity that’s used to re-charge them is produced.

In the past, the ‘juice’ has usually come from the usual fossil fuel sources as our own day to day electricity does.

However, a report by Green Wise Business suggests that the ‘green fuel’ situation for electric cars is about to change.

Green Motion (UK) are set to launch a network of electric vehicle re-charging points, where the electricity has been produced by renewable means.

The company is teaming up with Green Energy (UK) plc to provide the energy.

Green Motion’s network has been designed with the flexibility to take on new formats and charging rates as well as providing opportunities for battery diagnostics and online servicing in the future.

photo credit: clyde robinson

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