Feed-in tariffs – Minister will ‘act’ if companies get greedy

Minister for Energy and Climate Change – Greg Baker, has warned companies and commercial enterprises that try to cash in on the feed-in tariffs that he will act to ensure sufficient funds are left available for private householders to take up the feed-in tariff scheme.

The comments come after several large commercial projects have been discussed.

The fear is that if too many companies and investors jump on the feed-in tariff bandwagon, then the funds the Government has set aside for paying for the tariffs will be used up, denying everyday homeowners the chance to install their own solar generation and be paid for the green energy they produce.

The Government has pledged £400 million for the present feed-in tariff system up till 2014.

Solar panels linked into the feed-in tariffs represent a very attractive investment at the moment – no wonder it’s becoming so popular.

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photo credit: todd petit

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