feed-in tariff uncertainty draws people to heat pumps

If the recent solar tariff levels uncertainty has made you re-think your renewable energy options, then don’t forget about Heat Pumps.
There’s currently up to £1250 worth of installation grants available through the Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment Scheme (which is controlled via the Energy Saving Trust), and from this October, there will be a similar tariff system to that of pv solar panels, for renewable heat sources.
Heat pumps are either Air source of Ground source, taking their heat source from either the surrounding air or ground (which includes ponds etc).
Working like a fridge in reverse, extracting heat from their surroundings and compressing that heat into the home, they work well even in Winter, and can be used to heat your home or it’s water or even boost the input temperature on your central heating and hot water system, so existing boilers work more efficiently and consume less energy.
And there’s no doubt that the recent public solar tariff war between installers and the Government has seen homeowner enquiries for heat pump installations grow considerably.
If you’re interested in lowering your energy bills or doing your bit for the environment (or both) and the you like the idea of a Government grant towards your installation costs – something you won’t find currently available for solar – then heat pumps tick all the boxes and then some.

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