Feed-in Tariff is back to 43p – solar panels have never been better value

Today, the Appeal Court ruled in favour of the Solar Panel industry and threw out the Government’s appeal against the original decision that the solar tariff cuts were illegal.

This means the current feed in tariff rate is back to the pre-december 12th level of 43p (for new installations).

The Government’s announced it intends to appeal to the Supreme Court but as all 3 judges on the Appeal Court were unanimous in their decision, it sounds an unlikely prospect the Government would win.

The 43p feed in tariff rate is excellent news for homeowners who could make a very quick return on their installation costs, given the fact that those costs have fallen so much in recent weeks.

For example, we’ve seen offers of a 4kW solar panel system from £7995.

If you were waiting for the Appeal Courts decision before making your own, then now is definitely the time to get your solar panel quote – click here and see what offers your local installers have.

photo credit: metku

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