Feed-in-Tariff frozen, but solar doing well

Early reports say that the Feed-in-tariff (FiT) will be frozen where it currently stands, at 15.44p/kWh for a domestic PV system under 4kW. Does this mean that the Government has achieved what it set out to do with the reductions: to stifle the growth?

solar panels in your neighbourhood

Well more and more homes are installing solar panels still, to a point where they are becoming common place in everybody’s neighbourhood. This is of course the ultimate form of advertising for solar as a whole. Already we are noticing a sharp increase in enquiries from people wanting to know just why their neighbours have these contraptions on their roof, which on hearing the benefits, they want them too.

The rate at which installations increased has slowed for the industry as the tariffs have reduced, but enquiry levels and installs are still considerable, no doubt helped by solar panels being physically in people’s field of vision, falling costs of installs, and promotions from select companies like the VAT scrappage scheme on solar panels.

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