Feed-in tariff cuts appeal – what if the Government looses?

One or two homeowners using our online Solar Panel installation quoting service, have afterwards, in conversation with our customer advisor team mentioned a February date for the tariff changes.

Whilst there’s nothing regarding this on the DECC website, I did come across this article on Business Green.

I won’t repeat their post verbatim but essentially, where homeowners might have got this ‘February date’ from is the fact that if the Government looses it’s appeal tomorrow (Friday), then it will have to put before Parliament its proposed legislation, which would include the rate the tariff will be cut too, for a consultation period of 40 days, to allow for changes or amendments.

This would put the revised tariff cuts happening around the middle of February (2012).

Interestingly, in a completely separate conversation with one of our network of approved solar installers on the current legal ‘battle’, he commented that many believe if the Government loose the appeal and the FiT rate cut is reversed, then the Government will merely reduce the tariff to say 19p rather that the current 21p when they can implement the change.

That speculation could see another ‘rush’ of installation enquiries as homeowners would undoubtedly want to get their installation completed and registered before the new, possible lower, cuts came into effect.

We’ll find out tomorrow. Good luck everybody.

p.s Despite certain ‘factions’ claiming the uncertainty over the tariffs is denting consumer confidence, our own instant online quote website for Solar Panel Installations has never been busier, and since the return after Christmas, we’ve more solar panel companies than ever before joining our database of reputable companies.

photo credit: h. michael karshis

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