Fear of Solar Cowboy fitters…

Survey reveals fear of Cowboys

A survey of over 2000 homeowners by a leading electrical certification company – Puragen – has revealed the green message is getting through but a combination of ‘lack of information’ and the worry of ‘cowboy fitters’, meant only a fifth would consider having solar panels fitted.

By comparison, 9 out of 10 surveyed wouldn’t hesitate to budget up to £10k on a new fitted kitchen or bathroom.

One popular myth discovered during the survey was that people thought solar panels need bright sunny days to generate any electricity. In fact, solar panels will generate electricity on the cloudiest of days – working on ambient light rather than direct sunshine.

The threat of ‘Cowboy builders’ (over 15% said they were put off the idea of solar by this possibility), is easy to understand given the large sums of Government subsidies involved in new solar installations.

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