Ever suffered a DIY Disaster? You’re not alone.

If you’ve ever attempted a spot of DIY only to discover you didn’t have the right tools or the knowledge to complete what you started, then you’re not alone.
From the simplest tasks like putting a shelf up to a full remodelling of the kitchen or bathroom, the injury figures are of an epic nature.
When you consider that around 200,000 people are injured a year in DIY accidents with around half of them needing hospital treatment. Another 50,000 people were able to treat themselves at home.
Power tools and working at heights are responsible for a large number of the accidents but it seems that even wallpaper and glue (which caused 4,500 injuries) can be an accident waiting to happen.
And if the instinct of self-preservation doesn’t kick-in, then perhaps your wallet will.
One in ten homeowners spent an average £500 each paying professionals to rectify their DIY attempts. From flooded floors to supporting walls, wiring and even planning violations. And beware as self inflicted property damage may not be covered by your home insurance. Especially with plumbing and electrical work often requiring specially accredited tradesmen.
In total, nearly 5 million people ended up having to pay for repairs to their home caused by their own DIY attempts. And we haven’t even included any figures regarding the negative effect on your homes value caused by a botched installation.
What may surprise you even more is that most DIY injuries are preventable – simply by correct use of tools or recognising important safety warnings like wearing the correct protective clothing (including goggles). 55% of homeowners admitted starting a project without the proper tools. What’s even more worrying than that figure is the 50% who confessed to starting a DIY project without knowing exactly how to do it.
All in all, it really does pay to leave any improvement job you lack the tools or the knowledge to complete yourself, not to mention major home improvements like glazing, kitchens, bathrooms, paving and loft / garage conversions etc to the professionals. When you consider the cost of the raw materials – a new kitchen, a set of paving blocks etc, mess it up and your money’s gone straight down the drain.
Perhaps the biggest enemy of the home DIY’er is time. Relatively simple jobs can take an untrained person with so-so tools hours longer than a professional.
Remember a professional does that task every day – not once in a blue moon. They’ll know all the time-saving tips gained over a lifetime, and more importantly, have the right tools for the job.
Larger projects you’ve allowed weeks for can rapidly turn into months or even years as time, weather and family / work commitments conspire against you. Getting the professionals in means the job gets done quickly and efficiently which may also save your sanity.
We’ve all seen the TV programmes where families have taken years to complete a room makeover before the TV crew arrive and transform it in a matter of days. Don’t let it happen to you.

photo credit: martin kingsley

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