Even your toilet could be solar powered

The Internet can always be guaranteed to take you on  some strange journeys of discovery.

Take for instance this story I came across on Humans Invent. (read the full article here).

It starts off by explaining that recent innovations in toilet design are now saving around 16 litres of water per flush compared with 20 years ago, before going onto detail some of the latest inventions including a solar powered basin tap and waterless water closets.

However, when the story finishes by providing a run down of the latest mobile ‘Apps’ that can do everything from provide a map of local public toilets, provide ratings on the facilities to tell you when’s the best (quietest) moment to leave the film and nip to  the toilets.

Well then you know you’ve been on a very strange journey indeed.

What Internet journeys have you taken recently? Searching for one thing leading to a complete other (yet strangely connected?). Do tell.

photo credit: bruce fingerhood

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