Environmental Agency delivers on flood protection for homeowners

Over 600 properties across 30 communities will be benefiting from a £2 million payout from the Government in a round of funding for individual property protection measures against flooding.

Households will be able to protect their homes with a range of products including air brick covers and special flood barriers for doors.

These all help minimise the intrusion of flood water, which makes clearing up after a flood costly and prolonged.

The payout comes after local authorities across England were invited to apply for a share of the funding. The allocation has been based on those areas that are most at risk and don’t have community level plans to deal with a foreseeable flood danger.

The Agency points out that the measures are proven and successful, referring to the area of Appleby where residents have previously made use of Government funding and been able to purchase flood defences like the covers and door barriers mentioned above.

Coupled with the use of other protection specific items like non-return valves and pumps, 46 properties were saved from flooding during the 2009 floods in Cumbria.

However, one in six homes in England is still at risk from flooding. Residents and businesses are urged to focus on making their properties more flood resistant as failure to take any steps could mean greater repair bills, higher insurance premiums and a longer period of living away from your home whilst it dries out and repairs are completed.

There’s a free online service provided by the Environment Agency that provides advice and early alerts during severe weather – click here

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