Enjoying the Winter sun – conservatory style

Whilst many homeowners think of advances in insulation and energy efficiency in upvc double glazed windows as now standard features, many are still surprised to learn that the same advances have also been applied to upvc conservatories.
Upvc conservatories have been with us for a few years now and most people’s experiences of them are often older, first-generation models.
If their ‘cold feel’ and harsh light intrusion has put you off having your own conservatory, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
Today’s modern designs not only incorporate the latest frame design features of their window and door counterparts, ensuring maximum thermal efficiency, the glazing itself can also be specified with ‘a’ rated energy efficiency.
And the advances don’t stop there. Construction methods and glass coatings now mean your new conservatory can be used in comfort and security all year round.
It might also surprise you to learn that there is a healthy trade in new conservatories throughout the year – especially around this time, as homeowners, wishing to continue enjoying their garden, without being exposed to the falling temperatures and failing light, bring the outside – inside with full glass panel designs.
It’s even possible to incorporate bi-folding doors into some designs. These doors are made up of a series of door width panels, each hinged, forming a concertina style mechanism that means an entire wall / walls can be opened up. More flexible than fixed walls or a single door, and with the fine sunny weather we’re experiencing this Autumn, a real opportunity to enjoy the warm weather.
Upvc is a fantastically energy efficient material – multi-pocketed chambers ensure heat from inside doesn’t reach the outside. But if hardwood or aluminium is your preference, then there are still companies offering full design and installation services. Depending on span and height, it may be possible to specify bi-folding doors in Aluminium. Because of strength issues, we’re not aware of any company offering exterior bi-folding doors in hardwood.
Finally, for those homes lacking in interior space, a conservatory, which can be used for everything from a kitchen extension to an office, makes a lot of financial sense compared to the thousands of pounds more it can cost to convert a loft or garage or even build an extension.
There’s also the time issue – a conversion or extension can take months where as a conservatory can be up and ready to us in a  week. Groundworks are usually minimal and don’t usually extend beyond the space the actual conservatory will occupy.
You’ll also find building your conservatory considerably easier as many conservatories won’t require planning permission. Your chosen conservatory installer will be able to advise you more, including any conservatory construction which will incorporate exterior manhole covers into the flooring etc. Yes – it is possible to build ‘over’ an inspection manhole and incorporate a sealed inspection hatch in the floor of your conservatory. Recent changes to the adoption of previously private drains to public by local water authorities means special licence by the contractors may now be required.

3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Winter sun – conservatory style”

  1. After looking into oak conservatories we felt that they were a much better option for us. We really didn't like the uPVC look as our home is a period home so the look would not be right. It is warm in the winter and stays reasonably cool in the summer. Have you seen any with triple glazing glass?

  2. My mum has a conservatory which she had built because the living room at the back of the house was so small. She uses the conservatory as a dining room and it is lovely all year round. It gets the sun in the winter and the summer.

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