Electric car charging points in London to get Boris Boost

TreeHugger reported last week how London is all set to get over a 1,000 new electric car charging points by 2012.

Currently there are just 250 accessible to the public but this will increase to over 1,300.

In fact, there will be more charging points than petrol stations, and if that statistic leaves us petrol heads scratching our heads, then it’s worth remembering that there are already over 17,000 hybrid vehicles being used in Greater London.

Electric car owners already escape the congestion charge and there is also the ‘Plug-in Car Grant’ incentive which puts £5,000 towards the cost of a new electric vehicle, making them a little less extortionate in price when compared with their still cheaper petrol / diesel engines versions.

It all reminded me of a recent conversation with a fellow driver over the fuel pumps… He had pulled up in his Aston Martin beside the LPG pump and was muttering that the pump was not working.

He disclosed that he worked in London and that LPG pumps were notorious for not working / being out of LPG. The problem is so severe that he had a list of around 6 ‘local’ garages that had LPG pumps when in London so if one wasn’t working, he could navigate to another.

Of course, once you’ve left the city, finding an LPG pump that was working got a little trickier. Especially if you were low on fuel.

photo credit: david villa

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